Thursday, March 21, 2024

What's the Biden crime? Let me count the ways

AOC asked Bobulinski the most important question yesterday. What is the crime? That's what we want to know about Trump. He didn't commit a crime on January 6; he didn't commit a crime by having presidential records in his home, although Pence, Carter and Biden did; he didn't commit a crime with his NYC real estate deals unless every American does the same thing when selling property. Letitia James is doing the bidding of the Master (aka Massa). Trump also didn't commit a crime by joking or exaggerating or using an idiom (like bloodbath) unless every media talking head who uses hyperbole and metaphor commits a crime. The crime is in the evil swampy mind of the Democrat party, in the muck and rot. They want to destroy our election system by eliminating a candidate and disenfranchising 80 million voters.

"I want to be crystal clear: from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was 'the Brand' being sold by the Biden family," Bobulinski said. "His family’s foreign influence peddling operation — from China to Ukraine and elsewhere — sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government."

Bobulinski said the president was "an active, aware enabler" of his family's business pursuits, a claim Joe, James, and Hunter Biden have all repeatedly and adamantly denied."

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