Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Nostalgia for Y2K

 Was it only a quarter of a century ago? Almost. Remember the preparation for the big 2000 celebration and how Y2K bonded us? Communism was defeated and Naziism gone, but we had wised up about pie in the sky humanism. Both U.S. parties believed in and advocated for "western style democracy" as the best method to raise 3rd world people out of poverty and to defeat totalitarianism.

GW Bush was naive and thought we could impose western values on tribal cultures, allowing people to vote, liberating women and supporting an endless war. At home BH Obama wanted to reduce our next generation and poverty through abortion, take over the largest sector of the economy with socialist medicine, and pay back the sins of the past with old family feuds by imposing on 21st century white Americans, the discrimination and laws of the 19th century that hurt black Americans.

With Biden and his blue state cronies we have the worst of the first 2 administrations of the 21 century. Wars, death, destruction but with inflation, gnosticism, higher taxes, millions invading at our borders, and more tribalism at home.

Biden's cronies as Obama 2.0 have brought back the totalitarianism, slavery (both labor and sex), discrimination, endless wars, and tribal battles that we had hoped had been eliminated by "western democracy."

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Mr. Tanner said...

I'm glad I clicked today, I agree completely, and it sure doesn't seem like 25 years ago.
Take care,