Tuesday, March 05, 2024

The Mighty Mississippi postage stamps

Not everyone cares. But I do. I send letters and notes and I like pretty or interesting stamps. My local USPS branch has diddly squat for stamp selection. The last time I was there the selection was four black history designs and one lunar New Year and a Valentine abstract beyond recognition. I bought the Valentine. Then I went home and looked on-line. It took about a week and $1.70 shipping and handling, but I now have some lovely "Mighty Mississippi" and "Historic railroad stations of the United States." The Mississippi river sheet is 10 different states (without location), and the rail stations block is 5 cities, although I only recognized Cincinnati, which by the way is spectacular if you ever want to see wonderful public art.

I suspect no one knows the location of the Illinois stamp "In Illinois, a sailboat passes limestone bluffs adorned with fall foliage in a photo by Walter Blackledge." (Waterways journal) I asked Chat and it gave me word salad. The closest I came was a comlex description of the limestone bluffs, only 2 small towns nearby.

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