Friday, March 15, 2024

The rise in black violence due to the George Floyd riots

Alarming rise in youth gun deaths breaks down very differently by race (

You can read this NBC account (based on Pew Research) and never see a word about George Floyd or how black "leaders" including the current vice president encouraged the rise in violence among black teens (called children or kids in msm articles). That's because Democrats asked the Democrat run sanctuary cities to defund the police and allow rowdies to roam. They encouraged black mobs to assemble and riot during Covid restrictions too. Far more people were killed or injured and federal buildings damaged during the BLM political riots in most major cities than during the January 6 riot when only one person was killed--a white female Veteran killed by a capitol policeman. Democrats continue to fail black citizens of the USA.

You'll only hear about these (mostly homicides) deaths if a police officer is involved. Otherwise, black leaders and the media pay those families no mind. This story is all based on Pew Research which makes no mention of who is doing the killing.

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