Friday, February 24, 2006

2212 Should illegals receive

  • in state tuition help with my tax money? NO
  • scholarships? NO
  • well, how about a public school education on my real estate tax dollar? NO
  • surely emergency room services and hospital beds on my medicaid state money? NO
What about making it easier for them to become legal workers? I'll certainly consider any idea or program that is legal. Nothing while they are illegals.


mdoneil said...

I have a different take:

In state tuition help with my tax money? NO

Scholarships? NO

Well, how about a public school education on my real estate tax dollar? Yes (most undocumented workers are not in public school and most of their children who are were born here)

Surely emergency room services and hospital beds on my medicaid state money? Yes (Just as if I were unfunded and in a Mexican hospital [or Irish or Norweigan or any other country that offers emergency care free to those who cannot pay]. They don't need a tummy tuck, but fixing a broken arm is a necessity. )

Norma said...

I said "illegals." I didn't mention nationality. I don't know if a "visitor" from another country would be using medicaid funding (money provided by the states for low income Americans to receive health care). Many people, even Americans, use the ER as their primary care physician.

doyle said...

I guess I have a slightly different take than both of you.

With the exception of ER services for such things as broken bones or catastrophic injuries and / or life-threatening illnesses (think public health issues), no services to illegals at all. None.

Once the illegal's medical condition has been stablilized, back they go to their country of origin.

If their country makes excuses for not taking 'em back (I wish they'd come to get 'em.) then either drop 'em off at that country's embassy (It's their citizen, right?) or lock 'em up until they do.

As for making it easier for illegals to work here legally, Norma, not just no but HELL NO!

Think about the message it sends to those who've complied with our rules and regs in order to do so legally: DUMMY!

Boot the illegals out and let 'em get in line.

I note when mdoneil commented that he'd be treated in another country's hospital even if he didn't have funds to pay for the services, he neglected to include whether or not he'd entered that country legally.

I suspect when it comes to dealing with illegals, other countries are far less generous (stupid?) than we've been.

Perhaps if the US stops being so generous (stupid?) when it comes to illegals, the word will get out and fewer would be coming in.

Tough love, anybody?

Anonymous said...

Well, yes to ER most certainly, absolutely.

And sending them all back will never work, so I support Pres. Bush's plan.

And lets remember we're here by the Grace of God, nothing else.

mdoneil said...

Norma, I know you said illegals, thats why I threw in Irish and Norweigans (there are a significant number of illegal Irish in the north east.)

I have always gone through immigration so I've always entered legally. But Mexicans, who make up the majority of illegal aliens (or undocumented aliens if you want to be politically correct) are here because we have work for them to do and they will work for the wages we offer.

President Fox was right when he said Mexicans in the US take work even the blacks don't want to do. I don't want to pick tomatoes, nor does anyone I know that was born in the US, but we need the tomatoes picked and the illegals are willing to do it then so be it.

There is dignity in all work, and it is a basic human right to be able to work and support your family (a right of which any number of welfare dependent able bodies Americans fail to avail themselves). If people have to wade a river, and don't fill out the proper forms and papers so they can do stoop work in fields to send money home to support their families then I'm not going to condem them.

Norma said...

That's why I support a program to make them "legal workers" before they come in as illegals. I believe we'd be in deep trouble without their labor, which is why I prefer to dignify it with a legal status. It could be an apprenticeship for citizenship if they wanted; but maybe they'd rather not become citizens. I'm sure it is time consuming and expensive to keep track, but our present method which overwhelms border states (when all states benefit) is expensive too.