Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Posts

Here are links to my Thursday Thirteen posts.

The last 5 days The first Thursday of 2006, and what I’d done since New Year’s Day.
Parenting Hind sight is always 20-20, isn’t it?
National Popcorn Day Thirteen places or events where I’ve eaten popcorn.
Appliances and equipment Thirteen things that will go wrong.
Prayer job jar It’s on the kitchen table.
13 magazine subscriptions It’s not all of them, but most.
13 cookbooks on my shelves There’s more where these came from, but these have family ties.
13 things I blog about
13 illnesses and conditions
Singing in the choir It's so much fun
My date to the St. Pat's Ball
Thirteen Poems on my blog
Thirteen things about librarians
Thirteen things to write for Monday Memories
13 things about my cat
13 things I absolutely know
13 enjoyable things since last week
Exercises and Excuses
13 things about DaVinci Code
13 numbers about illegal immigration
13 things about our cars
13 things for Thursday night dinner
13 things that puzzle me
13 things we did when the budget was tight
13 things to make the world better
13 Medical studies
13 places we visited in July 2006
13 food and health myths
13 food triggers
13 points about women and finances
13 thoughts and proverbs about money and finances
How to become a sweet old lady
May 3rd 13--painting the master bedroom
Thirteen items on the Thanksgiving Menus
13 American attitudes and beliefs
13 discussion starters
13 phrases I could do without
13 ways to save money for gas

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Susan said...

I loved it, too!! A beautiful tribute to the profession that may be unappreciated.