Friday, September 22, 2017

Facebook will help with Russia investigation

So Facebook will turn over records of a Russian firm using ads on FB during the 2016 campaign. Given all the money the government of Russia sunk into the Clinton Foundation, it should be interesting.

Will Facebook turn down fake ads from American firms, even Democrats?  Will it turn down Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, probably the biggest seller of misinformation. Will Facebook turn over ads by U.S. interests (aka U.S. government) appearing during Brexit campaign, or Canadian elections, France, Germany etc.? They were worth billions.  Where does the collusion between FB and Congressional Democrats end? What other special interest ads, say, from conservative PACs, or from Christian non-profits and para-church organizations, will FB decide were subversive or at least working against Clinton?

And what about the billions in free advertising our own main stream media provided Trump by covering every outrageous thing he said, did or rally he held? Or even the constant attention he got on FB and Twitter from his enemies which seemed to energize his campaign base? I was a Cruz supporter in the summer of 2016, and stopped watching Fox because of all the freebies it gave Trump.

About a month ago former President Obama was "interferring" again in Kenya's election. Does that count? Or can retired presidents influence foreign elections? Charges against Kenyatta for his violent tactics are well over a decade old, yet Obama supports him.


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