Sunday, September 24, 2017

From Russia, Russia, Russia to KKK

President Trump is tarred and feathered for not naming "Nazi" (before the invesigation) in Charlottesville. Naming them the next day wasn't enough, because, well, he was Donald Trump and no matter what he did, it would be wrong.

But the left, Democrat and progressive media and politicians all gave Obama a pass for refusing to say "Islamic Terrorist," even when the bodies were in front us in Orlando (49 people killed and 58 wounded), Ft. Hood (13 people killed and 30+ wounded, all military) and San Bernadino (14 people killed and 22 others seriously injured) and numerous other sites since 2009. Even when gays and military were targeted and a Christmas party were the scenes of massacres. Couldn't be Islam. Oh No.  Had to be something else. Workplace violence, an unhappy arranged marriage. Discrimination.  Only social media called Obama on it. Never the news media or his star struck supporters.

Donald Trump didn't refuse to use the word Nazi, but Obama refused to link Islam and terrorism. He called them murderers. Which was true. Using their own tactics and reasoning, was Barack Obama an Islamic Terrorist because he refused to say it?

And the media? Based on how they covered those attacks by angry Muslims, wringing their hands that there could be blow-back, they should have been writing editorials after Charlottesville worrying about how Nazis and supremacists were being maligned.

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