Friday, September 08, 2017

What Happened, Hillary?

No voter gets all she wants in any election. I wanted Ted Cruz--young, son of immigrants, conservative values, Christian, best debater in decades on the public stage. After 8 years of stumbling speechifying, I was so looking forward to something different. I certainly wasn't looking for snippets on Twitter.

That wasn't to be, and I didn't run away and join the NeverTrumpers. Although I didn't care about the wall, I did care about saving future generations of Americans, who would in turn give life to more generations, so I voted for Trump. Not that he was a huge advocate for life, but hey--"anyone anytime ladies' choice" Hillary was a sure bet against life. Donald Trump is not the one who elevated the judges to their current over weighted roles, but he at least can influence and balance it. Judges were never meant to make law based on their feelings or on their hatred for the President.

Second, I wanted to see low income Americans helped with something besides hand outs to their ineffective leadership. Democrats have kept them on the dole so they would keep cranking that D lever in the voting booth. Nothing helps the poor like a good job. That meant fewer regulations and laws against the small capitalists coming up who hire Americans and grow the economy at home. That meant less crony capitalism with the big players like banks, high tech and big Ag. The only candidate who seemed to care was a business man, not a politician.

Third, I wanted to see the brakes put on the erosion of the First Amendment, especially stopping the federal government from destroying our freedom of religion. Again, that was Trump, not known for being particularly religious, but he understands that is the solid foundation of the First Amendment.

Fourth, race relations had plummeted under Obama and he empowered and emboldened the left to destroy our basic values. Not sure which candidate could reverse that, but it sure wasn't Hillary Clinton. The Alt-Left, socialists, globalists and SPLC types are trying to convince us that "Make America Great Again" is racist and neo-Nazi, but it certainly has more gravitas than "Hope and Change."

Fifth, I was quite sure Trump wouldn't hand our biggest enemies billions of dollars, or welcome home traitors who worked against our military. He might prove me wrong, but with NKorean nukes pointed at Japan and South Korea, would we really want Hillary who ran out on Benghazi making the deal?

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Anonymous said...

Via Facebook from Kelly: I have been very supportive and understanding with others who voted for Trump. I get it. Lesser of two evils. However, I could not bring myself to vote for him and I am not given the same tolerance and respect from Trump supporters. I've been yelled at and ridiculed by many for voting by conscience. I still do not nor have I ever considered myself a nevertrumper but others are quick to label me as such. I give him credit for Gorsuch and for cutting regulations. That's about it for now. I'm also tired of everyone calling him a victim to which he is not . My eyes are wide open and I will continue to be critical of what he does wrong , while giving credit for what he does right.

I left the Presidential slot unmarked at the ballot box but I did that knowing that Ohio was going full Trump . I was confident in that.

I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Damn tired. We keep getting more of the same . My biggest beef is that we had BETTER CANDIDATES to choose from but instead , our uniformed electorate chose emotional voting instead. Same with Obama . Flipping your middle finger up at Washington was more important than picking someone with a solid conservative record . That's my beef and I'm sticking to it .

I think people are beginning to understand that Trump is not going to fix it . We the people are going to have to be overwhelmingly involved at the local level first. And that means, we the people are going to have to do the work ourselves. If God gives us the time and resources, then we also have to realize it's going to take a very long time to do this , short of another civil war, which could happen anyway.