Saturday, September 09, 2017

Jan writes for “The Verse” about crises

“Sometimes it takes a crisis for me to value our connectedness. A hiccup in travel plans, an unexpected diagnosis, a natural disaster, actions against loved ones -- any challenge can bring out the best in our shared humanity, if we choose to participate.  Recent images and stories of people helping each other, offering whatever assistance each could provide, across divides which suddenly seem much less significant than before, give me hope for the future.” Jan

I’m copying her words from the newsletter of the Hymn Society just because they reflect my own views. I’ve watched the videos and photos and stories coming from Houston, and I’m sure it’s repeated in Louisiana which is also having flooding, and Oregon and Montana with the terrible fires, and in Florida with people now fleeing in long lines on the the 2 ways out.

This issue of The Hymn Society Verse also has a link to a nice list of hymns from Gia Publications suitable for worship in times of crisis and some downloadable hymns free until November 1.

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