Monday, September 25, 2017

The Athlete Crybullies

I don't care if workers peacefully protest climate change or gender dysphoria or abortion or advocate for their religion or non-science on their own time. If I hire an electrician, or pay a bill at the city building, or ask for an estimate to remove the animal in my attic, or get stopped by the police for speeding on Mountview Road, I don't want to get a lecture or advice on their pet beliefs. Football players are hired to do a job. And I'm disappointed to learn that Obama was paying them to "act" patriotic. So when he's out of office, they can start acting like spoiled kids. Now some are trying to make this about race? Well, OK, why is the NBA and NFL allowed to have 80% and 70% one race and not be subject to law suits by the government?

“Responding to a tip from one of his "boys," Smith brought up the fact that until 2009—eight years and a new Presidential administration after 9/11—players weren't on the field for the national anthem and instead generally remained in the locker room. According to Smith's boy (and the researcher at ESPN who checked it), the switch happened "because it was seen as a marketing strategy to make the athletes look more patriotic." "

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart: "We also believe our players have a right to express themselves." Would that include expressing support for traditional marriage, or ridiculing popular beliefs on climate change, or refusing to accept transgenderism in their daughters’ locker rooms?

LeBron on Twitter: "Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!" And this isn't the first time he's dissed the president. Probably 20 or so on Google. Poor loser, just like Hillary. Maybe in his next tweet he can list what Obama ever did for black people.  In December he said he’d never stay in a Trump hotel, and in November he was speaking out against the election.

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