Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Abortion isn’t always a choice

This was seen in a Facebook comment (I'm not adding the name for obvious reasons):

"I have four children. First was in 88, my son. The second and third in 89 ... twins. When I let my Mother (a devout Democrat) know we were expecting again, her first words were "Really? Get an abortion." Loved my mother, but I didn't always like her. That statement made me hang up immediately on the phone. We had another in '91, and I didn't tell her for months ....

She loved all my kids. I have never told them about their Grandmother's first statement about them, and won't. But it was cruel, and so wrong. All my kids, 33 months between the first and the last of four, have turned out to be freaking AMAZING to me. Abortion was NEVER an option, despite how hard it was on a struggling young couple. We ... overcame. Because it was worth the effort."

I have a Facebook friend (whom I know from real life) who wanted his wife to abort their second child (now an adult), and got very angry when she refused. I hope he never told her, but he's still a pro-abort. I also know a woman who when her daughter was expecting her third child, wanted her to abort. Now she adores the delightful child. I know another woman who was told the baby was deformed and was offered abortion by her doctor. She refused; the child was perfect.

They call it "pro-choice," but in fact something like 65% report pressure to abort either by boyfriend, husband, parents, or peer group, and methods involve emotional or physical abuse, withdrawal of financial support, and shunning.

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