Thursday, June 27, 2019

Elizabeth Warren thinks the economy needs to be fixed.

True, librarians are a poorly paid group, but I'm earning more now than I did when I was employed, and many retirees say the same thing. And my 403-b is invested conservatively—about 60-40. I see hiring signs everywhere I go, and I see a number of new employees who have been put on the job floor a little soon.

Recessions come and go so I don't expect it to last, but Obama did everything wrong, and took what should have been a brief recession and extended it with clamping down on the very people who could have created the jobs. That recession was over in June 2009, but he had so flogged and discouraged American investors and businessmen we limped along in "recovery" for 7 more years while the rich came back with his bail outs. In fact, as soon as he was nominated by Democrats in summer 2008 things started to take an ugly turn.

The mega-wealthy like Bezos and Gates can withstand the crazies in Congress and the White House, but the rest of us have to wait for a Reagan or Trump.

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