Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lakeside Women's Club, 2019

Last week I was a hostess at the Lakeside Women's Club program "A Photographic History of Knitting: 1900to 2019" presented by Gretchen Curtis, LWC President. Gretchen used to be the Heritage Museum archivist and always presented such interesting programs.  She was also one of the Porch Stories presenters its first year.  This week's program was "Here comes the bride and bridesmaids, 1940s - 2010," although one dress was from 1909 and one was from 2018.  It was a fun program, and one woman who talked was 100 years old.  Made me think I should go back to coloring my hair, because she looked terrific--not a day over 80.

I did feel sad knowing my wedding dress, made by my mother in 1955 for my sister, had been given to the Discovery Shop (cancer) when no one in the family wanted it.  I was trying to pare down our stuffed closets, but I wish now I'd kept it--maybe for a style show to be used one more time.

One woman modeled her "mother of the bride" dress from 1984, and it was lovely--could go anywhere today, and she said she bought it for $1.00 at a resale shop. Several women in the audience were married 60 years or more, and they received a small gift.

The photo is my co-hostess Barb Hoffman and I on June 18 although she brought some lovely little fruit snacks on skewers which don't show, and all I did was open two packages of sandwich cookies and make the ice tea.  In the background is the LWC library, which I've been using this summer to do some porch reading--just about finished with "Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century by Jessica Bruder" which will be reviewed on Friday by the ladies who run the bookstore.

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