Monday, June 24, 2019

Saying good-bye to Joe Schappa

We returned to Columbus on Sunday for a memorial gathering in the ballroom at the Southern Hotel for Joe Schappa, who died in Florida in March.  He was my husband's partner when he was an owner at Feinknopf, Maccioce and Schappa.  Bob was with the firm for 18 years and left in 1994 to being his own practice, so we had an opportunity to see many old friends and colleges--and especially enjoyed seeing again Joe's wife Ruth, and his sons Noah and Caleb who were just little boys the last time I saw them. Now we saw them with Joe and Ruth's grandchildren.  What a delight. When enjoyed hearing the memories and eulogies.

I remember when my parents were in their 80s and their social life seemed to revolve around going to funerals and memorials.  There was no spiritual component to this event, but seeing the photos, his friends and family were worth the trip.

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