Monday, June 24, 2019

Lakeside 2019, Week 2

This morning on my 2 mile walk I was counting bicycles—0ne house had 13—all sizes and colors.  That must have been a challenge to load and haul here.  Then I also counted Canada geese—36 in one area, but in 3 groups.  One group of 10 or so was parents (and maybe aunties) with adolescents.  It’s always fun to see them upside down having an underwater snack.

The first two morning lectures (Monday and Tuesday a.m.) are about my nemesis—EMR or EHR. Ever since they were foisted on us during the Obama years with promises of both improving outcomes and reducing costs they have been shown to be neither.  The topics are “Using big data from Electronic health records for clinical discovery” (the primary use of them so we pay so they can mine our health records), and “Personal electronic Health records; advantages and concerns.” Two years ago my husband’s medical records—all on line--in Columbus were hacked—God only knows who now has his social security number, mother’s maiden name and next of kin.

Wednesday and Thursday morning programs are on Lake Erie. Unless you get someone who wants to get spiritual about climate change, these are usually interesting. There are also afternoon programs on Lake Erie—something about Mayflies on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the pavilion.  I crunch those underfoot on my morning walks—they only live a day, but reflect the health of the lake.

Afternoons we have an author visit by Scott Longert, and the women’s club is having a “Here comes the bride” program with Polly Albrecht.  I think it features wedding gowns from 1940-2010. It grieved me to give up the lovely dress Mom made for Joanne in 1955 and I wore in 1960 (and used at our 50th celebration at Phoebe's on a mannequin, but no one in the family wanted it, and Julie who had stored it all these years didn’t want it back.

It looks like the Herb group which I enjoyed for about 10 years has finally folded its tent and put away the gardening tools. We had some fabulous times either down by the lake or at the train station.  In its place there is a gardening program.  That ship has sailed for me.  I was never a gardener, and never will be.  Even flowers started and planted by someone else don’t flourish for me.   And I see there are some Wellness seminars, but I think I know what is needed, “Eat less, Move More,” or ELMM.   Friday there is a seminar I think I can use—“Organizing 101: Simply Our Stuff.” Maybe it will tell us how to say "good-bye" to junk we don't need.

I used to take advantage of the 3 p.m. Friday seminar on World Affairs, but that became a chore with the various problems being discussed on TV and social media.  Families and best friends are taking sides and accusing each other of being racists or communists and anarchists.  It’s just too painful to witness.

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