Monday, June 24, 2019

When Mark walked away, guest blogger

“So, I walked away in the 80s. Before, I had been a raging liberal. Born and raised in DC, so politics was in my blood. What caused me to question the Democrat party was that I had a small screen printing business in college. Printed a lot of local band shirts as well as some political shirts that I sold during rallies at the mall. Mostly conservation stuff as I was deeply involved in Sierra Club. I printed "Flaming Liberal" shirts for the DNC and printed shirts for the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. One of my shirts even made it into People Magazine. (see below). So, I had just printed a bunch of shirts for DNC rally and went into their office to get paid. The director at the time, I forget his name, Michael something or another, asked me if I wanted to donate the shirts to the "cause". I said, "I already do 'em cheap, and I need to eat, so not really."

He then told me that my contribution would be greatly appreciated by not only them, but by other organizations in town.  I got a little nervous. Asked him what he meant, and he said that the DNC has long fingers in the lobbying groups in DC and it would be a shame if I found myself without clients. I asked him if this was a threat, to which he denied. I asked him how I was supposed to eat and he said that I could make more money off social services than printing shirts.

Well, I told him no, and that I had delivered 250 shirts and expected to get paid. He had someone write me a check and I left. The whole thing unnerved me. The next day, the director of the National Coalition to Ban Handguns called me and said that my services were no longer needed. I also had a bunch of shirts for sale at a local liberal bookstore and was told that I couldn't sell there anymore. At the time, I was also doing all the design and layout for the Sierra Club's Legal Action newsletter, which ended just as abruptly. I was creating posters for a group called "Liberation Graphics", mostly pro PLO stuff and pro Sandanista stuff. Yeah, that ended too.

The next day I went back to the DNC and asked what the heck they were doing to me and why? I was told to leave or they'd call the police. I was told that I couldn't be trusted. I remember so clearly the following week was the Rock against Reagan at the Washington monument. I was into punk (still am), so I wanted to make a statement. I first sent a certified letter to the DNC stating that any images of mine were not to be used in any print or video publications. This included my Flaming Liberal shirt. I then printed a bunch of them and overprinted "Destroy" in bright red. Took them to the rally and sold them to the "other side". I was amazed at how accepting Reagan supporters were to me when I told my story.

I lost a lot of friends that day, but made even more. I realized that the "cause" of the left wasn't anything more than money and an agenda. It took me a few years to fully embrace the right, but that day in the DNC opened my eyes. It was actually heart breaking to lose so much, so many friends, and to realize that I had basically been taken by the Democrats because I was young and stupid. I walked away and never looked back.”

Democrats—destroy small businesses before they can become capitalists.  Look at the larger scene and it’s done with regulations and taxation.

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