Wednesday, June 19, 2019

An Illinois Catholic on the new abortion bill—guest blogger

“Our priest spoke about it numerous times, as did others. . .  The diocesan office encouraged everyone to pray, fast, and act.  For those who were able, many trips were taken to Springfield to protest this hideous legislation.  We were encouraged to spread the word about these bills.  Many wrote letters, many called. . . .  The judicial process allowed us to protest the bills via an online vote. 

It's saddening to realize we have people who do not value life.

In the recent newspaper from our Diocese, a priest has made it known that all legislators who voted for these bills and reside in his deanery will be denied holy communion (I believe it was a priest, might have come from another Bishop) . . .  until that person has made his/her confession.  And interestingly, both Madigan (Speaker of the House) and Culverton (Head of the Senate) are both Catholic.  The denial of holy communion is powerful.”

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