Saturday, November 16, 2019

$100 million from DOJ to fight sex trafficking

One of the issues with the Border Wall (which Democrats used to support) is sex trafficking and trafficking of children. DNA tests show that many of the children of "family groups" are not related, and the kids are passed around. Leftists whine about cages, but don't seem to worry about trafficking. The women are being trafficked, and probably make their handlers more money than drugs, which can't be reused. So when Trump announces that his administration has had about 8x more arrests for sex trafficking (aka slavery) than Obama's the left just howls. First, they try to make it a women's rights issue (how lame) and second, they just hate him so they paste a Pinocchio nose on him based on tweets.

I haven't exactly determined how the money spent differs between Obama and Trump, and it wouldn't make any difference since James Little would find a corresponding cartoon article on the left denying it, but the recent figure is that DOJ has awarded more than $100 million to combat human trafficking and assist victims is reliable and here's a list of the grants, just in case you want to check if any of these agencies are near you. My problem with some of the recipients is they are leftist organizations sopping up federal money who have no particular value system that includes this issue.

Another problem with the list is that about 80% appears to go for training, task forces, information, marketing, "collaborative models," evaluations and salaries. Sure, you can't run a program for abused women and children without trained staff, but I sure would like to see more go directly to the women who need to rebuild their lives--you know, the basics like rent, food, medical care and job training. All the things they didn't have that may have pushed them into the trade. What happens in these cases, the church non-profits pick up the slack and scramble to assemble bedding, cleaning supplies, food, and winter coats.

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