Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tips on language changes—how not to go to jail

Socialists are so creative with language--like AOC declaring free stuff is now "public goods." They decided "patriotism" is now "nationalism" which is like being a Nazi brown shirt. But being a black shirt Antifa who burns down buildings is OK.

Male and female pronouns have become hate speech. Sex became gender which used to be a part of speech. "Gender reassignment" has become "gender affirmation," because you can't reassign what was always there. Next week, it might be something else and then the word you used this week becomes hate speech.

"Negro" back in the 1960s was OK and "black" was an insult. Then black was OK and Negro was an insult. N-words are pejoratives and can't even be used in 19th c. literature like Huckleberry Finn when they were not pejoratives. They are only OK when used in a million dollar Hip Hop song sung by blacks, but definitely is hate speech when a comedian used it 15 years ago.

The AMA now uses the term "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women" because faux men who actually are women need women's restroom and menstrual pads and everyone knows real men don't get pregnant.

Bias training, aka reeducation camps, are needed in universities for everyone, but only whites can be racists and white supremacists, or experience micro-aggression (a new term) and implicit bias and be guilty of thought crimes interpreted by Democrats and Socialists. Because hate crimes are so rare, one now needs to find them in experiences and places no one ever sees or experiences.

Everyone at university level are now taught that "implicit bias" is part of the human condition, sort of like original sin, and therefore, all need to have their minds cleansed of this evil--sort of like Christian baptism, but a lot less holy with no route to heaven.

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