Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Beto has bombed

Robert O'Rourke was not a great candidate. As Mike Huckabee noted, he apologized for being a white man. He used a Spanish nick name, Beto, to attract minority support. He attacked the church, guns, fossil fuels, the border between Texas and Mexico, and he supported the Green New Deal, the militant LGBTQ agenda, Medicare for all, and his greatest political achievement so far was not losing to Ted Cruz as badly as expected. Boy, we dodge a bullet there, no pun intended. But the rest of the Democrat candidates are pretty much clones on policies.

  • A fake Indian trafficking on minority sympathies
  • a couple of candidates for the nursing home, one with connections in Ukraine,
  • a blue eyed Spartacus,
  • a former prosecutor whose political career boost included sleeping with her boss, and
  • a mayor of a small town with a high crime rate whose claim to fame seems to be he is gay.

They are starting to make Adam Schiff look good.

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