Thursday, December 02, 2021

A note from Christmas 2000--on abortion

 Came across a note I'd written to a friend in December 2000. We had been in a small group together through our church and had attended her wedding.  She and her husband had moved on later and we'd lost touch for awhile. (Now it's been 20 years and I have no idea where she is.) Sounds like today's case before the Supreme Court. This is the only part I'll share:

"This week I wrote the year-end checks to cover our tithe--we figured we were about $2500 short because we never know until the end of the year what our income is. So I made contributions to a Library in honor of Mom and Dad, Billy Graham, Lakeside, Cat Welfare (enclosed a photo of Lotza Spotza), Lutheran Bible Translators in support of the Toenjes family, Bible Literature International, and Pregnancy Decision Health Centers (anti-abortion). Keeping children alive and translating the Bible into new languages are the two most important of the group, as far as I'm concerned. Technically, Cat Welfare isn't a church tithe, but I think taking care of stray animals and not killing them is something Jesus would do, just as he wouldn't kill babies who arrive at inconvenient times.

I believe abortion is the defining issue of our time as was slavery 150 years ago. Each era has its problems it needs to solve. The difference is 150 years ago Christians (particularly women) were in the forefront trying to reverse a terrible crime against humanity, now women are the great perpetrators. The church just falls in line and tries to pretend it will go away if no one speaks out. The ethical standards of Christians seem to be no different than the rest of society."

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