Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Year end report from the Lakeside Women's Club

President Barbara Browning sends Christmas greetings:

As I think about last summer at Lakeside, I cherish all the friendships that I have made through the Lakeside Women’s Club. When someone asks me, “Why should I join the Lakeside Women’s Club?” I can honestly say, “For the wonderful friendships that you will make.” Many of you were strangers to me when I became President, but now I consider you a valuable part of my life and my Lakeside experience. Last summer 238 people attended the book discussions, 255 women attended the Bible Studies, and 737 “Lakesiders” attended our Tuesday programs. Many thanks to Joanne Dempe for finding such great programs; to Beth Sibbring and Peggy Malone for leading our Book Discussion groups; and to Jeri Hoopes, Jane Linville, and Susan Eisenman for leading the Bible Studies. The 4 Porch Stories on Monday evenings, coordinated by M.A. Stephens, were at “room capacity” as Lakesiders shared their personal stories. Gretchen Curtis chaired the Book Reviews on Friday afternoons that were enjoyed by all!!
Patti Foley is going to be scheduling our Friday Book Reviews for next summer. If you have read a great book and would be willing to share it with the group, please contact Patti.

The Corner Cupboard brought in over $1500 last summer. Thanks to Judy Haines for a record year!! And, thanks to Barb Hoffman, our librarian, who sold $490 of used books!

Wendy Stuhldreher delivered 25 bags of American Girl Doll Clothes to the Columbus Ronald McDonald House and 24 bags to the Morgantown, West Virginia Ronald McDonald House, 54 bags in all. Ironically, Detra Bennett delivered 54 blankets to the Salvation Army, 30 of which were made by Gretchen Curtis.

The Lakeside Women’s Club Board met last week to make plans for the 2022 Season. At this point in time, we have sold over 870 cookbooks! That’s amazing for 3-6 months! Thank you everyone for your support! The LWC Broad also voted to donate $250 in memory of Joan Price for the Storybook Trail. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a woman who brought books to so many children at Green Gables. We can’t wait to see the Lakeside Storybook “Trail” next summer!

Franny Cranfield, our Green Gables hostess, has started taking reservations from those women who stayed with us last summer. We give them”priority” until January 2nd, when we open the reservations to everyone. If you need to house your “overflow” women guests at Green Gables, or you need a reservation for yourself, be sure to call Franny at: 419-798-4734.

Many of our guests want to know when the Quilt Exposition and the Cottage Tour will be so that they can plan their Lakeside stay. The Quilt Exposition will be July 21st, and the Cottage Tour will be July 28th.

Byrdie Stocker, our new Membership Chairman, will be contacting you next Spring about renewing your membership. Last year we had over 235 members which made over $6,000 in dues and donations - let’s go for even more members this summer! Invite your Lakeside neighbors to join us! The more, the merrier!! I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!! Being in Lakeside for the Christmas weekend was like living a Hallmark movie! We are so fortunate to have such a loving, caring community.


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