Sunday, December 05, 2021

Robert Poisal, 88, Indianapolis

Our brother-in-law, Bob Poisal, went home to Jesus at 3 p.m. on December 5. So many good memories these many years. I'm looking for a photo I call 3 Bobs and a Rick of my father-in-law (Bob), my brother-in-law (Bob), my husband (Bob) and my brother-in-law (Rick) playing cards together in California, but can't locate it. It was a happy time in 2003 when we gathered for the 90th birthday of the senior Bob. Bob and sister Jean visited us a number of times at Lakeside, we've shared so many Christmas and birthday celebrations, and most recently in October 2020 for the wedding of his great grandson Caleb.  We attended their 30th surprise wedding anniversary celebration at their church in a terrible snowstorm, and this past January we "attended" their 50th via Facetime due to our own health problems and the pandemic. In 2001 he came to Columbus to help get our home on Abington Rd. ready to sell, and then again to our current home to fix lots of small problems after we took possession. He was a master craftsman, he would help anyone, and never met a stranger. They used to spend their winter season in Florida--and all the neighbors loved to see them come and had their "to do" lists ready. He was a veteran of the Navy, and in 2014 his sons and grandson treated him to a visit to his Korean War aircraft carrier. Robert (his son) writes: "My best memory was a trip we took in 2014 to visit the aircraft carrier Hornet, the ship he served on during the Korean conflict in the early 1950's. The best three days a boy could ever spend with his dad. Seeing him sit in the Captain's chair, looking out over the flight deck is the best gift I could give him, and receive myself at the same time."

2020 Caleb and Shelby's wedding

2017 with Diva

Hornet visit 2014 with sons, grandson, son in law, and brother

2010 at Lakeside
Bob, Bob and Bob in 1970s

Update:  Found the 2003 photograph of the guys playing cards.

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