Friday, December 24, 2021

The Potter case

 COUNT I – Charge: First-Degree Manslaughter Predicated on Reckless Use/Handling of a Firearm GUILTY

COUNT II – Charge: Second-Degree Manslaughter GUILTY

I didn’t watch the trial (if it was on TV I wasn’t aware, and didn’t follow radio updates). I knew the outcome before the trial started, even with different scenarios.

If the police officer who had made a mistake while in confrontation with a black criminal had been a white male, there would have been riots, and he would have been found guilty, if he’d lived to see a trial. The criminal would have been lauded, and perhaps had parades and statues. Like George Floyd.

If the police officer who made a mistake had been black, male or female, there probably would have been a guilty verdict on lesser charges, but much less publicity. If he or she had been Asian, no break there. Most hate crimes against Asians are committed by blacks.

If the criminal who was shot had been white with all the same circumstances, we wouldn’t have heard about the case, and the policeman (black, white or Hispanic) might have had a much lesser charge and found guilty. If you’ve ever known a case of a white policeman shooting a white criminal (and that's a higher number and higher rate) that stayed on the national news longer than a day in the local papers, please provide a link. I can’t remember any.

Jury finds Kim Potter guilty on all counts in “Taser taser taser” trial – The New Neo

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