Sunday, December 12, 2021

June's recipe for Butterscotch Pie

 My husband is well known locally and in his family for his dislike of corn.  What good midwestern boy could hate corn (includes corn on the cob, escalloped corn, fresh cut corn), but he does.  Little known except by me, is he also gags at the thought of eating anything "butterscotch," which would include caramel or toffee or pecan pie. So I was surprised when looking through one of my recipe book treasures, "Favorite Recipes from the One Dozen Mums" (1974, index cards attached with plastic binder) that his own mother had submitted "Butterscotch Pie" as one of her contributions to what was probably a fund raiser for her club:

1 C. brown sugar

1 C. milk

2 T. flour

yolks of 2 eggs

2 T. butter

Cook in double boiler until thick.  Put into crust previously baked & spread slightly sweetened beaten whites over the top.  Place in oven to brown very little.

That's it.  Pretty simple with no details.  I enjoyed some of her specialties like Goulash or spaghetti with garlic rolls, but don't recall ever eating home made pie at her home.

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