Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Resisting the jab, the mandate, the government

Why half of Americans may be rejecting the Biden mandates--and it's not necessarily just the virus jab.

1. Distrust of government agencies. The FBI and other agencies spied on Trump in 2016. They knew Clinton campaign had created the false documents.
2. Congress colluded. Especially Adam Schiff who kept insisting he had the evidence.
3. The Democrats paid for all that mess.
4. James Comey, a so-called Republican, knew about the scam.
5. Media colluded to flood every news report with Trump's guilt and the lies the Democrats and FBI created. Gaslighting around the clock.
6. Key Republicans fell in line or kept quiet about the collusion and crimes of government agencies working with Democrats.
7. Fake impeachment about Ukraine.
8. Media cover-up of Hunter Biden's influence in Ukraine and China.
9. Big Tech involvement in silencing Trump and his supporters; Big Pharma profits.
10. The imprisonment and gulag treatment of the J6 protestors while ignoring the Antifa and BLM led riots by both Congressional leadership and media.
OK. So now we have mostly the same players. Just substitute CDC for FBI. Then media and Big Tech supporting and covering for Biden instead of back stabbing Trump. Then substitute "passports" and more encroachment on freedoms for the J6 unfortunates. Finally, continue to pay a government bureaucrat who thinks he's the science god, and you've got

                                        MANDATE RESISTANCE. 

No trust in anything this government/ administration recommends, demands or reports as "science" or "safe."

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