Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Critical Theory and Woke

It's not Diversity Inclusion and Equity. It's not ESG.  It's not BLM Woke. It's not Climate Change or Sustainable Development. It's not Feminism. It's not LGBTQ or Intersectionality. But you'll need all those words. It's all of them, trussed and tied and tortured together.

Together they mean the Oppressed and the Oppressor. Marxist-inspired movement in social and political philosophy. No matter the color or race of the speaker, or the income, or the sex or gender of the agitprop, or whether they wear a pink hat or a black hoodie, it's all critical theory, so someone has to be oppressed, got to have victims. In this class/race/gender system, the poorest, disabled white child in Appalachia is the oppressor of the billionaire black NBA star.

And it's all the mischief of a bunch of old white guys, mostly European--Marx, Nietzsche, Sarte, Foucault and Freire (he was Brazilian). They've danced, partied and slept promiscuously with academics for 40 years, then moved in to seduce politicians, and now are colonizing the largest corporations, the very oppressors they've learned to love (because that's where the real money is).

The original perps failed in real life, and their claim to fame until recently was a hundred million dead in the 20th century; but now it's constant turmoil, death and destruction in the 21st.

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