Friday, February 10, 2023

Daily Signal publishes top woke corporations

"#4.  CVS. The drugstore chain famed for its mile-long receipts is apparently woke on everything except wasting paper. It “advocates for the Equality Act and transgender participation in girls’ sports” and “the company signed an open letter opposing a Florida bill that would prevent teaching gender identity and sexual orientation in schools to kids in K-3rd grade.” CVS gives employees abortion travel “benefits” and “fired a Catholic nurse practitioner after she refused to prescribe or administer abortifacients, citing her religious beliefs.” In a somewhat surprising twist, though, CVS does say it protects employees’ differing viewpoints.

#7.  Kroger.  If you thought your views on gay marriage would be irrelevant in a supermarket, think again: The grocery store chain “fired two Christian employees who requested not to wear the gay pride logo on their work aprons.” Kroger also “enables community donations to Planned Parenthood” and will pay travel costs for employees to get an abortion. " 

There's a new database that rates the "wokeness" of corporations. I was very sad to see that CVS was #4 and Kroger #7. Neither are my favorite stores, but they are convenient and easy to get to. They are located in a wealthy suburban area, one that does not reflect their values, yet they are back stabbing us as they take our money. Mattel has a trans doll, and many have fired Christians for refusing to support the company's LGBTQ pins or flags or emblems. They have reeducation camps for executives and support the misnamed "Equity Act." 

This is ESG lite--a political tool to turn us all into good little globalists with China in charge. Smaller, non-compliant companies will be bought up or destroyed.  At one time, all these companies stood for merit, hard work, fair play, good service and a good return for their investors. Now, nothing matters except skin color and sex, while the CEOs laugh all the way to the bank as they play the game.

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