Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Joe and Whoopi beating the drum of unrest

We're probably in for another race war because of high profile trouble makers like Joe Biden and Whoopi Goldberg. He plans to have the parents of Tyre Nichols at the State of the Union speech, and he's been wrong on so many of these incidents. Whoopee announced on the View, "do we 'need to see white people get beat' before changes are made to policing." She suggests that this sort of thing never happens to whites--because she's never seen it! Such idiocy. In fact, study after study, report after report by DoJ show whites are more likely to be shot by police than blacks, even though the crime rate for blacks is 8x higher! But the narrative is so strong that the media continue to lie.
What the media are doing by beating this drum is endangering black people--and the whole nation. Blacks are now even more likely to be victims because police actually are less likely to confront a criminal in the act of a crime for fear of being disciplined. The 5 Memphis police officers could be representative of many problems--like diversity hiring requirements, poor training, or defunding the police memes on social media, but let's have the trial before the President causes another decrease in qualified men and women entering the force! Because that seems to be what high profile Americans want--people who can hire their own private security. And the stupidity of calling this racism by second tier celebs like Sharpton shows they believe blacks can only be pawns and fools, can't even beat up someone--5 against 1--on their own volition.
Tyre Nichols' beating and death was a terrible tragedy and a crime, and too many people on the left are dancing on his grave for their personal gain.

Yesterday (Jan. 31) I listened to Jason Whitlock's podcast. He blames "baby mama" matriarchal culture, not racist cops or white racism. He says he can't see any reason for this except it was personal, like gang violence spun out of control.

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