Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Why the lab leak theory is being reported now

Why now? Why is the lab leak story issued by Dept. of Energy making headlines? Why the leftist lapdog media who rushed to support Biden at any cost especially the truth doing the duck and cover? The same liberal media which constantly spread lies about conspiracy theories, blaming Trump, and cancelled his supporters.

The 3 Ds. Desperate, Desperation, and Desperados.

1. The Biden administration is desperate to continue the war on Trump and his supporters. They accused him of xenophobia when he closed air traffic from China in January 2020. They called him a racist when he called it the China virus and said he believed it was a lab leak in April 2020. Nancy Pelosi continued to welcome Chinese tourists through the Spring of 2020 and vilified Trump supporters accusing them of "hate crimes." Democrats impeached him for a phone conversation with Zelenskyy which was monitored but which also implicated the Biden family in criminal behavior (Read the transcript--you'll be shocked how the media misled you)! Now they need to deflect as Biden has been proven wrong, wrong, wrong.

2. There is desperation to make Americans forget that it was Trump who launched warp speed, getting a vaccine into the arms of the American public before he left office. They want you to forget that Biden, Harris and others said they wouldn't trust the vaccine because Trump supported it. They want you to forget the vaccine should have been used for the elderly and compromised, and not children and young adults. They began the gaslighting and fear campaign which later was flipped to become a hallmark of their increasingly fascist regime. Trump also began the 2 week pause in our normal routines that went to 2 years under Biden, and Trump began flooding the economy with Covid money which was supposed to compensate the people for loss of income. It was overkill and Biden used that bad plan to swamp us with inflation and more spending. All the while he continued to vilify Trump and his supporters as he continued Trump's plan.

3. The desperados in the Biden administration are looking for two avenues of escape from this mess. a) Build distrust (more) of China as it now looks like it might assist Russia in the war against Ukraine, which has become Biden's war by proxy, and b) find a way to dump Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before the 2024 election by making his choices and leadership look uninformed and misguided. (No need to make Harris look bad--she may be the worst government official ever--not even Democrats wanted her in 2020.)

Desperate is from the Latin word desperatus meaning without hope (spero), or despairing. And that describes the whole crew in Democratistan who have been condemning all patriots who disagree to the "misinformation jail."

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VPI said...

While it was Trump that launched warp speed, he also did something that is the definition of a false, prophet biblically, claiming that the virus would "miraculously disappear" which, by definition means that he is predicting a divine intervention that actually went in the opposite direction and millions of people died. I personally did not take the shot because I did not trust it not because of other things like Trump, trying to sell weapons to communist Vietnam and buddy hangup with Saudi Arabia and selling them weapons who he said did 9/11, but rather because our own "experts" could not get their story straight, and I knew that a mask was beneficial to a certain small extent, if you did not have the virus I also know that there is a lot of big money involved in pharmaceutical companies and contracts with the government. It turned out Trump and Biden who both push for the shot ended up getting coronavirus. I did not get the shot but I stayed away from people, and I did not get the coronavirus. Many people like Iraqi war veteran governor DeSantis, who Trump called a "coward" discouraged, young children, getting "the jab", and in general in conservative circles, I've noticed that people had mixed feelings, but Trump was adamant about "the jab" as was Biden. There is a lot of money resting on this, of course. No Fox News that defended Trump and proclaimed his Excellency for coming up with the jab, then turned around and said how terrible it was, and how many people got sick and died, etc. because of the actual"jab". One of my issues with how Fox News and other media people are portraying Trump as a conservative savior is that these sorts of issues are self contradictory… Either the vaccine was rushed and problematic or Trump saved millions of lives, but it can't be both things at once . I totally agree with you being a gangsta left-wing, but there is also a covert left-wing people are not understanding. Trump was never a conservative. Neither was Bruce Jenner, neither was Kanye West neither was Tucker Carlson, supporting communist Russia we were just being convinced that Fox was a "conservative" news channel if we listened to the deception and believed it. Anyway, I hope you are well. Norma your blog is so excellent that I have shared it with people in Iraq even though I don't agree with everything, there are definitely great parts in it and that would be the parts I agree with lol we send our love and blessings to you.