Thursday, February 09, 2023

Joe Biden plagiarizes Trump's Maga speeches

Although I didn't watch the "State of Denial" on Tuesday, I think I heard about 5 or 6 analyses, mostly conservative, with clips from the fawning, lapdog, non-curious media with their million dollar salaries.
1) He tried to out-Maga Trump--appeal for the blue collar vote, the patriotic, police support and praise and bring American business back home. If he'd been coherent I would have thought it was Trump up there mumbling. We heard all that in 2016. It just doesn't work for Joe. All his personal millions have come from China and Ukraine via political deals organized by his son; Trump's came from being in business and his successful TV shows.

2) You don't even need to be a news addict to see both the blatant lies, and the lies he never told, like about the border and the balloon. China and Ukraine barely got a mention.
3) The videos of him in 1975, 1984 and 1995 proposing (did he say 4 times?) sunset rules on social security were a nice touch by the Biden-watchers. Sort of deflates his attempts to terrify people getting Social Security (not me, I'm not eligible).

4) I'm thinking the kiss on the lips between his wife and Kamala's husband was a set up to stir the media pot so they'd ignore his other terrible lies and gaffs--and they all fell for it, complete with background music and valentines.

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