Saturday, February 04, 2023

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Does anyone know why Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing? Even his ego probably didn't request it. I recently noticed a comment about that committee which choses the winners and losers in an Ethiopian newspaper (from 2021, but it's still true). Someone is always at war in that part of the world, and we hear little about it here in the U.S.

"The Norwegian Nobel Committee has developed a lazy habit, at best, and, at worst, displayed dubious motives when it awards its Peace Prize to distant third-world countries like Myanmar and Ethiopia.

It never adequately does its homework when it throws prizes at leaders who promote their perverted version of ‘peace’; always couched in words amenable to Western ears, but always with ulterior priorities in their minds.

This is especially so when the committee adds other factors than unadulterated peace in its calculation, such as ‘the indispensability of Ethiopia’s stability to the region’ or ‘promoting democracy in the region’ that the West has been peddling with for decades, to the detriment of minor actors in the region. A little bit of vetting would have provided the committee with a complex picture of Abiy, enough to put doubts even on the biased minds, however implicit, of its members."

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