Monday, October 27, 2008


Instead of addressing the fraud among their volunteers, Obama's campaign has chosen to investigate the investigators who uncovered the problem. See story at Maggie Thurber. Move over Joe
    Rather than address the fact that some people supportive of Obama have registered and voted incorrectly, these Obama campaign workers want to demonize the individuals who've exposed them
And then there's the on-going saga of Joe the Plumber and what a terrible threat a simple question was to the Obama Campaign after Obama told Joe he wanted to spread the wealth (something he's said many times, but not recently, and not on the campaign trail). So much so that someone thought the means justified the end, and hacked Joe's personal information.
    Personal information on "Joe the Plumber" was sought through the state's child-support computer in a check run from the main offices of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

    Ohio Inspector General Thomas P. Charles confirmed today that he is investigating the incident. He declined to provide details.

    The inquiry on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher was run through the Support Enforcement Tracking System from the state department's offices in downtown Columbus. Columbus Dispatch

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