Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Politics at work

In an article about discussing politics at work, I noticed this comment by one Obama supporter:
    I decided now that we're in the final stages of this mega-important event and because I'm more passionate about this election than I have been since JFK, I would wear my favorite candidate's campaign button," said Ms. Geissal, 58, a registered nurse from Monticello, Ill.
Let me do a little math here. I was 21 years old when I voted for JFK and she's 11 years younger than me. She must have been a very astute campaigner for a 10 year old. The How-to of politics at work can be found here.

I see JFK's name (initials) comes up frequently, regardless of the party. Even Rush Limbaugh speaks fondly of his tax cuts. Joe Biden made reference to him in his warning about an impending disaster which he guarantees will happen under President Obama. Generally, historians say JFK failed or flubbed when tested by the USSR. So why bring it up? However, that's not the memory it evoked for me. Senator Biden, I remember the assassination of JFK, I can go clammy just thinking about how we hovered over Fran's little portable radio at work, crying and praying, and then the terrible news that he was gone. I truly wish Biden would have left that name and memory out of his fear mongering threat.

I am wearing my political badge to the coffee shop, but I have already voted. Like the day I ran into the PUMA at the library, it opens the door for discussion.

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Anonymous said...

i'm really weary of all of this...I'm ready to dig out the Nixon Now button my Dad gave me in the third grade...