Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe Biden My Time

USAToday finally mentioned his speech warning us that Obama would be tested (he did this in 2 planned speeches, so I guess it doesn't qualify as a gaffe, which is usually unplanned) on 5A today (5 days after the fact), but they never quoted him or gave any details. The reporter only referred to "test" predicted by Biden, assuming I suppose that there was no need to report his alarming message. In the same article, the writer devoted 2 paragraphs to McCain's World Series comments.

Then I turned the page to 6A and at the bottom there was a tiny article on Palin
    The Alaska governor raised the idea of a "looming crisis" in response to Democratic rival Joe Biden's remark at week-end fundraisers that obama would face a generated crisis within 6 months of taking office.
Well, yes, Palin did respond, but he's the one who caused the puzzlement--is he just a gossip and is reporting what he's been told? Does he think our 7 years of no attacks under Bush has been a fluke? I still didn't see any mention in WSJ, although James Taranto covers it in the online version.

I truly think Joe Biden is a scary dude! On the one hand, he seems to be saying negative things about his running mate, but on the other he appears to also be stupid, and this from the party that is so critical of Palin's intelligence and abilities. And on the flip side, McCain doesn't seem to know what to do with this--maybe he and his writers were as stunned by stupid as everyone else and haven't found an appropriate response.

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