Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign volunteer story a hoax

Young female McCain volunteer who claimed she'd been attacked at an ATM has admitted she lied. Needed some attention, I guess. But this one isn't a hoax. At a place of business in Columbus, employees caught removing McCain bumper stickers from customers' or other employees' automobiles have been warned they will be fired. Nor is this one. There are yards in Upper Arlington with both Obama-Biden signs and McCain-Palin signs. Should make for some interesting dinner table conversation. . . or sleeping arrangements. We've wondered if the folks who live in these half-million dollar homes sprouting Obama signs can't get their calculators to work, or if they are just patriotic, as Joe Biden My Time claims.

I saw the cutest Obama logo/badge at another location that had been photoshopped with CNN on it. I won't show it because Obama's puppeteer is a media guru and it's probably copyright. But you can probably google it.

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