Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spotlight on Campus Freedom

The Ohio State University gets a red light! I wonder who determines what is an unwanted flirtation? Or leering? If a drunk girl sits on a guy's lap at the campus bar, has she committed sexual harassment?
    "Sexual harassment is illegal. Inappropriate behavior includes: * Sexual jokes, innuendoes, gestures * Unwanted flirtation, advances, or propositions * Pressure for sex * Leering * Display of sexually suggestive objects/visuals * Display/transmission of sexually suggestive electronic content * Any unnecessary, unwanted physical contact * Sexual assault"
This page says OSU doesn't have a loyalty oath or an honor code, however, when I was re-hired in the 1970s, I'm quite sure a loyalty oath was required of employees--perhaps not for students, though. I know the Veterinary College had its own honor code.

Check your state's colleges and universities here.

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