Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama and Racism

There are so many political and moral reasons to fight Obama's fight to claim our White House, I'm always surprised (not really) when he and his supporters claim racism will be at the root if he fails. Indeed, it's the racism of the left that has pushed him this far. The leftist racism is essential to keep African Americans down so Obama has a podium on which to stand and preach to the rest of us.

  • Racism that destroys the black family by pushing the father out of the home.
  • Racism that destroys the drive and initiative that sustained African Americans during the darkest days of slavery and Jim Crow days with trillions in government handouts.
  • Racism that strangles job growth and development with the new next best thing on their agenda, global warming (liberals have short attention spans).
  • Racism that killed more black Africans by removing DDT from the international market in the 20th century than all the transatlantic slave trade with Arab Africans in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Racism that puts government sponsored church "social justice" programing above Biblical righteousness and justice.
  • Racism that shuts its eyes to the denigration of black women in hip hop and entertainment industries owned by white liberals.
  • Racism inherent in the high abortion rate of black babies and the location of Planned Parenthood clinics near black neighborhoods.
  • Racism that would keep black children from school choice while white liberals, civil rights leaders and our members of Congress send their little darlings to private schools.
  • Racism that ignores the immigration of the African families who have come here for economic and religious freedom, more than ever came as slaves.
  • Racism, if it exists in this campaign, is swamped by the sexism and ageism against Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and John McCain.
This morning on CBS I saw a Halloween costume look-alike contest of "Palins" with wigs and jackets and glasses. Some extremely unflattering, but getting great guffaws and cheers. Imagine someone doing an Obama look alike contest in black face for Halloween on a major network!

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