Friday, October 31, 2008

When Obama surges, the market falters

He didn't support the surge and victory in Iraq. Can you trust your 401-k to an Obama surge and victory?
    "To state the obvious: The valuation of an individual stock reflects the collective expectation of investors about a company's future profits, dividends and appreciation, and the same is true of the market as a whole. These profits, in turn, are greatly influenced by government policy on taxes, spending, subsidies, environmental and other regulations, labor laws, and the corporate legal climate. Investors have heard enough from both candidates in the last month or two to conclude that prospects for a flourishing, competitive, growing and reasonably free economy in a McCain administration are bad, and in an Obama administration far worse. (In fact, the market's bearish behavior over the last couple of months pretty closely tracks Barack Obama's gains.)" George Newman
I've written about this too, but the Wall Street Journal has a larger readership than my blog.

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