Sunday, October 26, 2008

Worth repeating

Someone came to my blog today looking for an Oreo Cowkies photo (belted Galloways) and ended up at "Where I part company with Conservatives" essay. They must have been archived on the same page. I reread it and decided it was worth posting again with a few additions.

  • I'm against the death penalty. Don't let the evil scumbags turn you into a killer.
  • I believe marijuana can be a controlled substance for medical treatment, just like other mind altering legal drugs.
  • I believe drug sentencing is too punitive and counter-productive--at least in Ohio. 60% of our prison population is drug related (I've heard, haven't researched it). Prisons are schools for crime, and we should stop sending so many novices there, because they will graduate and return to us.
  • I think Creationists need to stay clear of the public schools. We haven't even convinced our own folks, so why go after non-believers? No one ever got to heaven because of believing in creation, nor was sent to hell because of evolution. Plus, you're not being truthful about your motives and that hurts your witness for Jesus.
  • Schools need to allow students the freedom to be Creationists or write or speak on the topic without fear of punishment or grade reduction.
  • I don't believe in the current political race for the brass ring called global warming, but I also believe that many conservatives don't take the precautions and care they should with the environment. Clean air and clean water is good for our health and for capitalism.
  • I'm not a dispensationalist Christian. Not that all conservatives are, but many that are cherry pick their way through the Bible finding end-times principles to apply to politics that aren't there.
  • Most Biblical admonitions about sexual behavior and morality are addressed to men lusting after women, not to gay men. Pay attention to your own plank before looking for the splinter.
  • The Biblical record is clear that Jesus intended women to have an equal role in the church.
  • I'm fine with infant baptism and don't believe in rebaptizing, although I appreciate my anabaptist heritage. Watching an infant baptism is a wonderful reminder of our need to rely totally on God.
  • If you've got a well written liturgy, faithfully followed, it makes up for poor sermons and unsingable hymns.
  • Conservative Christians need to pay attention to Matthew 25. Peace and justice Christians need to realize they won't find government grants and taxes there to fund their favorite programs (and salaries). It is very clear to all who you are meeting when you feed the hungry and visit the sick.

  • I don't believe pets are "just like family," but once you take one into your home, you have obligations and responsibilities for training, veterinary care, love and affection.
  • I believe homeschooling is good and educationally sound, especially for the parents who will have more actual learning and support than if the children attended public or private schools, but it isn't always better for the children. There's nothing wrong with doing it for mom or dad if they become better parents.
  • Our children come into this world as unique beings, with everything in place to be successful and happy. If they don't get there, it may not be your fault, and it definitely is not the government's. Take the blame where you deserve it, and dump the guilt if you don't.
  • I believe that Eat less, move more is the best health plan, and that probably isn't in the Bible or hawked on your favorite talk show.
  • I know from experience that all bubbles burst, whether it's love, finances, dreams, careers, or political candidates.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything but"The Biblical record is clear that Jesus intended women to have an equal role in the church.

I believe women have an important role in the church, but that priests should be men as they are priests forever after the order of Melchizedech.

That said women were much more influential in the formation of my faith than any priest. From my mother, to the good sisters I had for 12 years of school if it were not for those women, who like Mary the Mother of Christ, nurtured and tended to my growth and that of my faith I would not have as wonderful life as I do now.

Women can't be priests, we need them for much more important work.

Norma said...

I always throw that one in because when Jesus was teaching, the women followers always got it first time--the male disciples didn't. Then God sent them to the tomb to be the first witnesses and to be the first to tell. It's so obvious. You don't even need to be a feminist to see it. However, the
60-70% class enrollment by females in seminary is definitely not helping protestants, who are losing members like ice cubes in July on the hot pavement.