Friday, October 31, 2008

Karyn Gillette, Jennifer Brunner, and ACORN

We were naive, I suppose, to hope our Democratic Secretary of State was a solo performer in this Ohio voter fraud. I was on one of her juries a few years back, and found her quite charming and knowledgeable, although I lost some faith in the jury of peers idea. Now it seems the noise is from a trio composed of her, ACORN, and her campaign consultant, Karyn Gillette. John Fund, writer for the Wall St. Journal, writes about this on October 30 link
    "But Ms. Gillette certainly deserves more scrutiny. In 2006, she was a campaign consultant for Jennifer Brunner, the Acorn-backed Democratic candidate for Ohio secretary of state. Since her election, Ms. Brunner has outraged Republicans and left many objective observers puzzled by her judgment calls.

    Some 660,000 new voter registrations have been filed in Ohio this year by groups including Acorn, and more than 200,000 failed a "match up" test in which voter information was compared with driver's license and Social Security databases. Despite these warning signs, Ms. Brunner refused to allow county officials access to information they needed to verify the newly registered voters. Many of the new registrants cast ballots earlier this month in Ohio's "Golden Week," a seven-day period when state residents can register and immediately cast an absentee ballot. At least half a dozen cases have been documented of people illegally registering and casting ballots during "Golden Week."

    Republicans seeking to force Secretary Brunner to surrender the data have been stymied in court, but their hand may be strengthened by the latest revelation that Ms. Brunner's campaign consultant has close ties with Acorn's Project Vote and has been accused under oath of obtaining donor lists from the Obama campaign to drum up dollars for Acorn's voter registration effort -- including its large Ohio operation."
In yesterday's Wall Street Journal John Fund tracks Obama's ties (chains and bondage) to ACORN
    The FBI is investigating its voter registration efforts in several states, amid allegations that almost a third of the 1.3 million cards it turned in are invalid. And yesterday, a former employee of Acorn testified in a Pennsylvania state court that the group's quality-control efforts were "minimal or nonexistent" and largely window dressing. Anita MonCrief also says that Acorn was given lists of potential donors by several Democratic presidential campaigns, including that of Barack Obama, to troll for contributions.

    The Obama campaign denies it "has any ties" to Acorn, but Mr. Obama's ties are extensive. In 1992 he headed a registration effort for Project Vote, an Acorn partner at the time. He did so well that he was made a top trainer for Acorn's Chicago conferences. In 1995, he represented Acorn in a key case upholding the constitutionality of the new Motor Voter Act -- the first law passed by the Clinton administration -- which created the mandated, nationwide postcard voter registration system that Acorn workers are using to flood election offices with bogus registrations. Link
It's probably too late in the campaign to do much--God knows if Obama wins, all investigations of the illegal and immoral "community organizer" leftists will stop. ACORN created him; he won't toss them under the bus like Grandma.

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Anonymous said...

What do the six people who registered illegally during Golden Week have to do with Acorn?

Norma said...

For the answer to this, I suggest some googling. Not that I don't know Project Vote and Vote from Home are fronts/funded by ACORN, but it's a bit like trying to unravel felt into a ball of yarn. I've already written about it, and since your are anon. I can't tell if this is an honest inquiry or harrassment.

ACORN receives a large part of its funding from the federal government, and I'd like to see a huge investigation into this, not only of this non-profit, but others such as churches who have allowed their message to become suspect and sullied by being thrown into the same brackish bucket of sludge as "community organizers" like ACORN.