Monday, October 27, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck introduces Governor Palin

This takes 11 minutes but is well worth watching. The writer at the LA Times just couldn't stop editorializing with alarm quotation marks and snarky remarks either about Hasselbeck or Palin.
    "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was incredibly "honored" to introduce Gov. Sarah Palin on Sunday at a Republican rally in Florida.

    But she was even more excited about being able to "talk for a full five minutes without being interrupted."

    She talked about Palin's women's rights views: equal pay for equal work, putting an end to honor killings, aiding women exploited in the sex trade and stopping the sanctioning of the abortion of unborn daughters in other countries. [this is a misquote: she said of a country's unborn daughters]

    She decried the fact that "they" [clarification, the main stream media reporters] are "fixated on her wardrobe," calling it a double standard and deliberately sexist. But then she turned to Palin and remarked admiringly that the governor "sure is a woman who knows how to dress," which got some rather sexist whoops, hollers and whistles from the audience.

    Hasselbeck added: "I’m most impressed by her accessories, you know, like the flag pin she wears in honor of her son and our military — men and women — fighting abroad. And they fight for our every [very] right to be here today." ["They didn't list this because they know it's priceless" Hasselbeck said--to which the crowd went wild with USA chants.]

    Elisabeth was certainly coming on strong for Palin, sounding much like a lipstick-wearing pit bull/hockey mom herself.
There wasn't a thing threatening or pit-bullish in the entire 11 minutes. Get a grip--it was a campaign speech introduction. Would you rather she get shouted down as her View sisters do? I watched it twice, including the part about McCain paying the women on his staff the same as men, and Obama paying 83 cents on the dollar. LAT Blogger Dishrag forgot to remember that part. Oh, and the writer was just soooo concerned that baby Trig was on stage--now, abortion of a disabled child she would support, because that's a woman's right, but putting him on stage with his mom, dad and sister? Ooooo, now that's cruel says Elizabeth Snead. If you don't kill them, you should at least hide them, I suppose.

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