Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What not to put in a cover letter

is the topic of Poet with a Day Job post. Good stuff. Stop and read her poetry. The Wall St. Journal today had an advice column for retirees going back to work. I noticed this one: "Hide your resentment." How you feel about the economy and your financial situation. A positive attitude goes a long way in a job interview and some of the casual questions are there to draw out your personal characteristics (that's me commenting, not WSJ, because I was on a lot of search committees).

I know people my age "laid off" at 68 or 69 who are quite bitter. Now the Obama-Biden way would be to be patriotic and spread the wealth and opportunity to the younger, poorer, less experienced person looking for work. Right?

Whatever your reason--choice or cut back--don't sit around letting your unemployment checks become a habit. When I worked for JTPA in a jobs program we told people they needed to spend 8 hours a day looking for work, updating their skills (like learning to drive or read the bus route), mailing out resumes, and networking.

The government can't do everything--yet.

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