Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Money to help the poor

That's probably the justification for the outrageous campaign expenditures of the Obama campaign. " Guesstimates from inside the broadcast television industry are that Barack Obam will spend $1.5 million per network -- CBS, ABC and Fox -- for Wednesday night's national 30 minute informercial. Now that's $50,000 per minute per network -- $8,333 per second per network. Altogether, $4.5 million in 30 minutes. Illinois Review"

The Democrats' idea of helping the poor is to take as much from you in the form of taxes--income, excise, death, phone, gasoline, sales, pass through (in over under around and through), VAT, etc. then pass it back to you in grants to your states, your educational institutions, your non-profits, your interstates, your transportation bailouts and subsidies, even your churches, all with handsome salaries along the way. Technically, it's a form of job creation with no product. The government doesn't create wealth, it consumes it, and sometimes uses the very people it steals from to do it. Like you. Watching the ads (never fear, Obama will make back the costs of his infomercial tomorrow night). Marking the ballot. Sitting back and waiting for the exchange and transfer of funds.

Note: I can't get the article at tv by the numbers site, but I'll keep trying. Maybe it's been pulled.

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