Saturday, October 25, 2008

Calling Team Obama

While they were out investigating Joe the Plumber's taxes, look what was going on in New York with a Kennedy man.
    Gov. David Paterson's embattled top aide resigned Friday, after a week of escalating criticism over his failure to pay $300,000 in taxes on time and a questionable excuse for the lapse.

    Mr. O'Byrne, who has ties to the Kennedy family, has said clinical depression kept him from paying taxes between 2001 and 2005, before he took the job as secretary to the governor. He's a former Jesuit priest who officiated at the wedding of John F. Kennedy Jr. and counseled the Kennedy family three years later after he died in a plane crash. He was the top aide to Mr. Paterson. He was responsible for mapping out policy and politics as Mr. Paterson rose from the near powerless Democratic minority in the Senate to lieutenant governor and then governor after Democrat Eliot Spitzer resigned in March amid a prostitution scandal. Crains

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