Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clear evidence of fraud

Check out Maggie Thurber's blog for more information
    So we've got clear evidence of individuals who have come to Ohio on a temporary basis, have no intention of staying in the state past the election and its certification, who have homes and families in other states, who have registered and who have cast a ballot. Today, the boards of elections start separating the ballot envelope from the identification envelope, which means that after separated, these individuals can still be prosecuted for voting illegally, but there is no way to separate out their vote and not have it count. Thurber's Thoughts


Anonymous said...

Well they may not plan on staying in Ohio.

Do they let convicted felons vote in Ohio?

It is a felony after all and they have been warned, which seemed quite generous to me.

Anonymous said...

They claimed ignorance of our register/vote laws--which doesn't get you far if you don't notice a slower speed zone.