Monday, October 27, 2008

Some schools succeed

Ninety eight percent graduation rate. That's impressive. Maybe it's the uniforms. My Catholic friends tell me there aren't many nuns in the classroom anymore. This letter was in today's Wall Street Journal.
    Your editorial "Charter Success in L.A" (Oct. 14) overlooks the contributions of at least 40 Archdiocesan Catholic schools located within that same area. These Catholic schools serve the same population as the public schools and charter schools, yet they are achieving graduation rates of 98% and doing so at one-third the cost on a per student basis. Over 95% of these graduates are going on to two and four year colleges. For over 150 years, Catholic schools have been educating students in L.A. who go on to become leaders of integrity and competence. This is done without taxpayer funding.

    Catholic schools deserve recognition for their past and continued contributions in educating civic, business and church leaders, teachers and many other professions that serve the Los Angeles community.

    Kathleen Anderson
    Executive Director
    Catholic Education Foundation
    Los Angeles

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