Thursday, October 23, 2008

CNN's ugly trick interview with Palin

The interviewer, Drew Griffin, took a comment from Byron York, where he reported some of the complaints about Palin within a longer piece basically praising her, then tells her on camera, a conservative has written it about her. Well, true, Byron York is conservative but the reviewer has turned his words inside out and upside down to throw her off. Really foul. Or fowl, as in "chicken" since this guy didn't seem able to get her on her policies and ideas. So I wrote CNN a complaint. They replied:
    This auto reply is to thank you for commenting on CNN’s 2008 Election Coverage.

    While we are unable to personally reply to every e-mail, your comments are important to us, and we do read each and every one. Comments become part of the viewer response report that is prepared and made available each day to our producers and senior management.
You betcha I won't be watching and waiting. Nor will I be watching election coverage by CNN now that I've seen how they lie. It's one thing to be in bed with Obama, but it's another to make us watch the love making.

Here's Byron's assessment of Palin:
    ". . . a look at Palin’s 20 months in power, along with interviews with people who worked with her, shows her to be a serious executive, a governor who picked important things to do and got them done — and who didn’t just stumble into an 80 percent job-approval rating."
He then went into great detail outlining her accomplishments and challenges. But according to the CNN interview, she's just a rube from the sticks.

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Anonymous said...

Only to be outdone by NBC analyzing the chemistry between Palin and McCain instead of what she said. Have Obama and Biden ever been in the same room? Haven't noticed much chemistry there.