Thursday, July 11, 2013

A summation of the recent gaffs, glitches, and gotchas of the Obama Administration

Daniel Henniger

Obamacare mess:  “Even if you are a liberal and support the goals of the Affordable Care Act, there has to be an emerging sense that maybe the law's theorists missed a signal from life outside the castle walls. . . It requires whatever lies on the far side of chutzpah to say this after passing a 1930s-style law that is both incomprehensible and simply won't work. ObamaCare is turning into pure gravity. Nothing moves . . ”

Snowden the spy:  “What's more concretely frightening is that a dweeb like Edward Snowden could download the content of the NSA's computers onto a thumb drive and walk out of the world's "most secretive" agency. Here's the short answer: The NSA has 40,000 employees.”

The IRS scandal: “the agency managers' defense was that the IRS is too big for anyone to know what its agents are doing.”

Arab Spring:  Egypt is in flames; Syria is in a Civil War and Obama is arming the rebels who are killing Christians.

Immigration bill:  the 1986 IRCA hasn’t worked they say.  Why? Government is too big.

And now we find out he interfered in the Zimmerman case directly. . . not just by inserting his opinion.


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